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Tender Advice and Probity Audits

Tender advice

Tendering processes need to be open and transparent. That is, the tender process and the associated selection criteria need to be well established, clearly communicated and observed by all parties to the process.

The rules governing the tender process are usually documented in the request for tender. These rules cover issues such as:

  • Scope, content and format of tenders
  • Skills or experience required
  • Restrictions on eligibility to tender
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Tender submission details

Ensuring the tender process is well defined and able to be clearly communicated to tenderers assist in developing a robust and transparent system of tender management.

Contract Control International (CCI) has specialist consultants who are able to advise on all aspects of the tender process ensuring greater transparency and justification of any decisions taken.

Probity audits

Probity in the tender process is critical, particularly where public funds are being used. Probity auditing is an activity undertaken by an independent entity to ensure that the tendering, negotiation and contract award processes of an organisation are fair and equitable.

The role of a probity auditor is to:

  • Provide probity advice to the tender team during the tendering and tender evaluation processes;
  • Monitor these processes to ensure they comply with the request for tender and other relevant tender guidelines;
  • Ensure there is no bias and that all aspects of the tendering process are carried out honestly and fairly; and
  • Report on the outcomes of the probity audit.

Probity audits are particularly relevant in instances of compulsory competitive tendering, where the private sector is tendering against a party with its origins in or with linkages to the client organisation.

CCI can provide probity advice and probity auditors that can assist in providing assurance as to the fairness of the tender process to all parties.