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Process Analysis, Mapping and Procedure Development

Tender and contract administration processes

The application of process analysis, mapping and procedure development techniques to tender and contract administration activities provides structure, consistency and opportunities for improvement throughout their entire contract management function.

Contract Control International (CCI) has specialist consultants who are able to work with its clients to develop and improve contract management activities, fulfilling roles ranging from fully "hands on" through to providing direction, strategy, guidance and review.

Process analysis and mapping

A process is a series of connected steps or actions required to achieve an outcome.

The graphical representation of the steps of a process as seen in process mapping promotes a greater and shared understanding of how tasks are undertaken.

This presents opportunities for the identification of problems and non-value adding steps, which can lead to process improvements.

CCI consultants utilise simple process analysis and mapping tools to analyse client’s current tender and contract administration processes and use these outcomes to assist in consolidating current or developing new and improved methodologies in these areas.

Procedure development

A procedure is a step-by-step guide to direct someone through a task.

Benefits arise in documenting and following procedures where issues such as task consistency, repetition, cost management, safety and quality arise.

Documenting procedures is often seen as the logical and final extension to process analysis and mapping activities, providing the client with an explicit summary of the steps required to undertake all key tasks within an organisation.

CCI consultants apply current and relevant procedure writing principles to assist clients in developing more formal control over their contract management activities. This includes procedures for:

  • Tender preparation
  • Tender assessment
  • Contract award
  • Contract administration
  • Contract supervision

CCI’s general philosophy for procedure writing is based around the principles of keeping them as simple and as user-friendly as possible, whilst involving all key stakeholders in their development.

Experience has shown that ownership in the development phase is vital to the ongoing use and success of any procedurally based system.

CCI developed contract management procedures will assist throughout the contract management function by providing a clear understanding of the way things are done, a baseline to measure current performance and a basis from which improvement can be developed.