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Wednesday 21st November 2018
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W071 Preparing & Assessing EOT Claims Book Now

Duration: 2 days

Start Time: Registration from 8:15am, Commence 8:30am - Finish 4:30pm

This two-day course introduces the topic of delays and extensions of time (EOT’s) for construction contracts. It applies to Superintendents, their Representatives, project managers, Principal’s Representatives and Contractor’s Representatives and anyone else who manages or administers these contracts at different levels. The course delivers a practical insight into claiming and assessing extensions of time and associated costs or delay damages under. Relevant Australian standard-form construct contract clauses are referenced throughout the course. The course addresses the necessary procedural requirements including time bars and conditions precedent and references relevant case law. It also addresses associated issues such as mitigation requirements, disruption and liquidated damages requirements, etc.

    Managing Time in Construction Contracts
    • Introduction
    • Practical completion
    • The date ‘for’ and the date ‘of’ practical completion
    • Progress of the works

    Types of Delays

    • Principal caused, neutral and contractor caused delay
    • Concurrent/overlapping delays
    • Other delay events allowing an EOT
    • Contractual provisions

    Extension of Time Processes

    • Substantiating EOT Claims
    • Administrative processes
    • Relevant issues

    Assessment of EOT's

    • Assessing EOT's
    • Methods available
    • Programming
    • Delay analysis and the society of construction law (SCL) protocol
    • Entitlement

    Compensation for Time-related Events

    • Delay vs prolongation
    • Delay vs disruption
    • Acceleration - Directed and constructive
    • Entitlement
    • Introduction to time-related costs and damages

    Liquidated Damages

    • Definition
    • Use of liquidated damages
    • The law against penalties and consequences
    • Public works contracts
    • What happens when LD provisions are unenforceable
    • Care with the terms of the LD bargain
    • Filling out the amount in the contract annexure


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