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W1029 Writing Scopes of Work

Duration: 1 day

Start Time: 8:30am

This one day workshop applies to all persons involved with preparing and writing scope type documents for works, services, maintenance or consultancy contracts. The workshop introduces, reinforces or refreshes the necessary contractual and drafting skills to properly prepare these documents in accordance with current practice emphasising clarity and certainty in preparation to improve readability and avoid disputes arising from ambiguity and discrepancy. The course is supported by practical, hands-on workshop sessions.

  • The Course
  • Course Assessment
Introduction to Scopes
  • Scope type documentation
  • The need for effective scopes
  • Types of scopes
  • Skills and resource requirements
  • Scopes vs specifications
Contract Basics
  • Basic contract law
  • Certainty in documentation
  • Contract documents
  • Document interpretation and discrepancies
Scope of Work Development
  • Definitions
  • Application
  • Planning Considerations
  • Format and Content
  • Generic scopes of work
  • Understanding the audience
Writing Scopes of Work
  • General Principles
  • Plain English
    • Workshop session - Being concise
  • Layout and Format
  • Style
  • Avoiding ambiguity and uncertainty
    • Workshop session - Ambiguity & certainty
  • Avoiding generality
    • Workshop session - Rewriting a basic scope of works
  • Key drafting essentials
  • Readable writing
    • Workshop session - Improving readability
  • Definition, detail and certainty
    • Workshop session - Case study
  • Current trends
  • Reviewing documents
    • Workshop session - Scope of works review
  • Standardised documents
  • Document writing rules
    • Workshop session - Writing a scope of works
  • Course Overview

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