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DMG Document Management Book Now

Duration: 1 day

Start Time: Registration from 8.15AM. Commence 8.30AM. Finish 4.30PM

This course is designed for people with little to no experience in document control. It also includes a brief introduction to how a typical document management system works and will cover the basic fundamentals. This is an information course designed for people who are new to Document Control procedures, practices and processes.


  • The course
  • Course assessment

Typical Document Management Systems

  • Purpose of a Document Management System
  • Key Components of a Document Management System
  • Examples of Document Management Systems


  • What is a Deliverable?

ISO 9001 Requirements

  • What is ISO 9001
  • ISO 9001 4.2.3. Control of Documents

Logging Documents and Maintaining the System Register

  • Registering Documents and Logging them into the Document Management System
  • Maintaining the Document Register

Document Types and Owners

  • Document Owners
  • Document Types
  • Policy
  • Process
  • Procedure
  • Work Instructions
  • Forms
  • Templates

Document Numbering and Allocation of Numbers

  • Document Numbering
  • Identify the Business or Project
  • Identify the Department or Owner
  • Identify the Document Type
  • Identify the Sequential Number
  • Allocation of Numbers

Document Revisions and the Review Process

  • Document Revisions
  • Revision Numbering and Types
  • Revision Process
  • Revision History
  • Track Changes
  • The Review Process

Document Distribution Matrix

Additional Elements of a Document Management System

  • Document Approval Process
  • Storage and Record Keeping including Electronic and Hard Copy Files
  • Electronic Documents
  • Hard Copy Documents
  • Retention and Archiving
  • Retention
  • Archiving
  • Foreign and External Documentation
  • Cancelled and Obsolete Documents
  • Cancelled Documents
  • Receipt of Obsolete Documents
  • Master Document List

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